Here's How To Grind Power Fast In Destiny 2: Beyond Light

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It’s a new year in Destiny 2, and with it comes a new expansion and a new Power grind. In Beyond Light, Guardian Power levels now start at the base level of 1050 and go all the way to 1200 for the soft cap, 1250 for the hard cap, and 1260 for the Pinnacle cap. It’s a long road from 1050 to 1200, but we’ve got a winning strategy to help get you there as fast as possible.

Since blue-rarity items now seem to provide anywhere from +8 to +10 to your Power level, farming those items will help increase your Power fastest, and the best way to do that is to head to the Moon.

A Guardian named Siegedancers figured out perhaps the best way to grind up your Power level by heading to the Hellmouth on the Moon. There, you can simply do circles of the area while performing several random events that consistently drop blue gear.

First is the wondering Trove Guardian. This Hive Knight can be found in the northern reaches of the Hellmouth just walking around. After murdering him, hidden platforms will start appearing that branch over the Hellmouth itself and end in a chest. That chest will typically drop some gear, although occasionally it provides an Essence Quest instead.

Second is the powerful Nightmares. These can typically be found in the center of the Hellmouth at a particular altar. Summoning the Nightmare and subsequently defeating it will leave a chest behind that will provide you with a blue-level reward. There’s also a troupe of Ogres that can sometimes be spotted roaming around the Hellmouth that can also be taken down for blue-level gear.

And finally, in between killing Nightmares and Trove Guardians, Public Events will spawn at regular intervals. Completing Public Events always gives yet more blue gear that will steadily increase your Power level to 1200.

If spending a few hours on the Moon doesn’t appeal to you, then the next best way to grind out your Power is to head into the Crucible. Each match will reward you with two to three pieces of gear that will all be above your current Power, and occasionally you’ll even wind up with a few Legendary pieces that might even be useful.

After you reach 1200, you’ll need to start farming Powerful rewards from Destiny 2’s playlists.

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