Destiny 2: How To Get The Ruinous Effigy Exotic Trace Rifle And Catalyst

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d Ruinous Effigy is available today through a new exotic questline called Growth. If you're efficient, it should only take a couple of hours to complete the quest and claim the new gun. The catalyst, which is also available, should only add another hour or so to the grind. Here's how the best way to grind out the Growth questline and earn the Ruinous Effigy exotic trace rifle.

Step 1- Complete Interference On IO

Head to the Prismatic Recaster near The Drifter and pick up the weekly Means To An End quest that you've (hopefully) been running each week. This time, the Recaster actually has two quests. You'll pick up the Growth quest from the Recaster and the first step is actually the same as Mean To An End: Complete Interference on IO.

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You'll first need to run the Contact public event twice. It's finally moved off IO and can be found on Titan in Siren's Watch. Other than a new venue, the event remains unchanged. This week's boss is the Taken Monstrosity that is flanked by Wizards. Kill the Wizards to make the boss vulnerable. After 2 completions you'll move on to the Umbral Trace step.

You'll need to collect Umbral Traces from either Escalation Protocols, Gambit, Gambit Prime, or The Reckoning. I've found that The Reckoning is the fastest and most reliable way to farm Umbral Traces. The higher the tier the better, but even if you haven't unlocked Tier 3 it's still faster to farm in The Reckoning than anywhere else.

Finally, run the Interference mission on IO. It plays the same as it always has. Once you've completed Interference, Growth will update and you can start the next step.

Step 2- Growth

There are two different parts to this step. First, you'll need to find 25 Calcified Light scattered around Mars, Mercury, Titan, and IO. The only way to find them is to pull out your ghost while walking around each zone and follow the icons to the Calcified Light. Sometimes they will be too far away to see, so start by spawning at each Landing Zone in the destination and then move halfway between them and search again. It's a bit tedious but this step should really only take about 15 minutes or so. There are 10 to find on IO and 5 to find on Mars, Mercury, and Titan.

Then, you'll need to kill 15 of Savathun's Marionettes. These are the enemies that spawn during the end of the Contact public event, but they also spawn throughout Titan and IO in the areas that surround the Contact event. This is the step that felt like it took the most time for me because it's a lot of running around looking for Taken. I stayed on Titan for this one so I could catch the end of the Contact event each time and farm some Umbral Engrams while I was at it.

Step 3 - Feed

This step asks for 3 things: void kills, precision multi-kills, and either Gambit or Reckoning completions. Again, Tier 3 Reckoning is your best bet here unless you happen to be a high skill invader. Either way, this step is going to take some time.

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You can make progress even if you fail the Reckoning or lose the Gambit game, but you'll obviously make more progress for successful wins/completions. As for void, I used Recluse, but anything you use for add clear is fine. As for precision multi-kills, you have plenty of options, but it's best to use something you don't have to reload as often, such as a bow, scout, or pulse rifle rather than a sniper rifle. You only have a couple of seconds to chain the headshots together to make progress. This is the final step in the quest before you can collect the Ruinous Effigy. Head back to the Recaster when you're done and collect your prize.

The Catalyst

The catalyst for Ruinous Effigy dropped right away just by using it. It's kind of a bizarre gun: whenever you kill an enemy they will transform into a transmutation sphere which you can then pick up and use to fight. Ammo drains from the orb quickly, so you can't hold it for very long. The orb has a light attack that slaps enemies and a heavy attack that does a big AOE blast and uses up all of the ammo. It seems to do the same damage no matter how much ammo you have, so you can do light attacks until it's almost empty and then use the heavy attack. The orb also has a guard that reduces damage and does AOE tick damage in a wide area around you. Using the guard also refills your health.

To charge the catalyst you'll need either kill 5,000 enemies with guard (don't do this) or by destroying 33 out of 55 "Eyes of Savathun" scattered around the solar system. We will update this guide with a separate guide for finding all 50 eyes.

The Catalyst increases the damage of Ruinous Effigy by 30% to enemies that have been damaged by transmutation spheres. In other words, damaging an enemy with an orb and following up with trace rifle damage will deal 30% extra damage. One of the strangest exotics in the game, no doubt.

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