The Guardian Games Arrives In Destiny 2 Next Week

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The Guardian Games arrive in Destiny 2 next week. May the best class win.

Guadian Games

The Guardian Games arrive in Destiny 2 next week.

Eva is coming back. It seems like we can’t get rid of this kindly old lady. She’s teaming up with Zavala to bring an Olympics-themed event that pits Guardian against Guardian in some friendly competition. Even though the actual Olympics have been postponed.

From three weeks starting on April 21, the Guardian Games will decide which class is the best. Will it be the stalwart Titan? The bookish Warlock? Or the vast and innumerable Hunters? If we had to guess, it’d be Hunters because there are simply far more of them than any other class (you can just take a walk around The Tower to figure that out), but apparently Bungie is going to take the Hunter class’s numerical advantage into account.

So how will this work? Well, first you head to Zavala and Eva to get daily class challenges, which are a fancy way to say “bounties.” Whenever you complete the bounties you add points to your class’s score. A scoreboard in The Tower will keep track of the standings, with whichever class having the highest score taking home the gold trophy at the end.

Also, the winning class will have their superiority immortalized for the remainder of the year in The Tower.

Along with the competition comes a bunch of cosmetics to purchase at the Eververse store, including ghost shells, ships, and sparrows. And on top of that, there's a brand new armor set for each class. We're not sure yet if they'll be ornaments or actual armor pieces, or if we'll have to pay for them at the Eververse or if they can be earned through the event.

A new exotic quest is going to arrive next week as well. The Heir Apparent Exotic Machinegun is basically a Guardian version of the Cabal Slug Thrower, and I’ve certainly died enough to those things that I’m itching to return the favor.

The Guardian Games arrive on April 21 and runs to May 12. May the best class win.

Source: Bungie

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