Call Of Duty: 10 Strongest Multiplayer Weapons In The Series, Ranked

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When most people hear Call of Duty, they immediately think of the massive AAA FPS title developed by Infinity Ward, Treyarch, and Sledgehammer Games.

What makes Call of Duty such a well-known series is its controversial story missions and addictive multiplayer. The multiplayer, in particular, is known for its adrenaline-fueled gameplay with destructive weapons and even stronger killstreaks. Using a good weapon in multiplayer matches can help earn those killstreaks and guarantee victory. From Call of Duty 4 to the latest entry, here are the 10 strongest multiplayer weapons in the Call of Duty series, ranked. Note that this list covers weapons after all current patches were released, meaning pre-nerf weapons or bugged guns are not on this list.

10 Black Ops 2: AN-94

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is considered by many to be the best CoD title in terms of multiplayer. Nearly every weapon had a place in the sandbox and killstreaks were powerful but not insane like in Modern Warfare 2.

With that said, many players gravitated towards the AN-94 in multiplayer thanks to its high damage, lack of recoil, solid iron sights, and an average rate of fire. When you aimed for the head, this gun could take down targets in a quick burst from virtually any range. Many arguments could be made that the MSMC or M8A1 are better, but the AN-94 is such a solid assault rifle that it deserves an entry.

9 Ghosts: Honey Badger

The time to kill players in Call of Duty: Ghosts was rather low, meaning nearly every weapon in the game was rather powerful. Most weapons that could fire faster, however, were seen as better than the rest.

Arguably the best weapon in Ghosts, the Honey Badger is an 800 RPM assault rifle that comes with an innate suppressor. Thanks to its clear iron sights and great accuracy, this weapon became a staple for close and mid-range engagements for most players. The only con this weapon has is the harsh damage falloff past 17 meters, but it could still compete with most weapons in its category past that range.

8 Black Ops: FAMAS

Fast-firing assault rifles are typically the best in most Call of Duty titles. They are forgiving weapons that can outrange submachine guns while having enough accuracy to compete with them.

The FAMAS in Black Ops is a great example of this, boasting a blazingly fast rate of fire alongside great iron sights. It had a long reload without attachments or perks, but the sheer fire rate and damage output of this weapon more than made up for it. This gun was so easy to use that it could overtake most SMGs where they were supposed to shine.

7 Black Ops 4: S6 Stingray

If this list rated weapons before any patches, the S6 Stingray would be in the second spot of this list. As it stands, it is a very solid tactical rifle with a fun operator attachment.

One of the few weapons that can deal explosive damage, the Stingray is a unique tactical rifle that deals considerable damage at all ranges with a 2-round burst. With its operator perk, however, it can damage enemies even if the shot doesn't directly connect. This weapon was so overpowered when it launched that fans called it "pay-to-win" since it was only available in loot boxes. Treyarch has nerfed this weapon multiple times since its inclusion, yet it is still one of the best rifles in the game.

6 Advanced Warfare: BAL-27

If anyone has ever told you they hated playing "Bal of Duty" instead of Advanced Warfare, they were likely making a not-so-subtle nod to the overpowered BAL-27 assault rifle.

This gun had everything going for it. The BAL-27 had a high fire rate, 32 round magazine, great iron sights, and moderate base damage value. Variants of this gun increased the good damage even further, allowing it to kill enemies in three bullets from 30 meters. Few weapons came close to the lethality and ease-of-use the BAL had.

5 Modern Warfare: M4A1

Even after the nerfs it has received, the M4A1 in the newest Modern Warfare entry has frustrated many fans of the series. It can kill in a couple of bullets from most ranges.

The Gunsmith attachments for this weapon are almost all amazing, increasing the lethality and usability higher than it already is. Crazier yet, this weapon used to be stronger! At launch, this weapon outclassed every other assault rifle in the game in terms of effective range and damage falloff—or lack thereof. Even after the nerfs, the M4A1 remains one of the most versatile and solid assault rifles in any Call of Duty game.

4 Modern Warfare 3: ACR

The ACR was also in Modern Warfare 2, but the rendition of this amazing assault rifle in Modern Warfare 3 is somehow even better than the last version.

This gun has virtually no recoil, amazing iron sights, good fire rate, great base damage, and it has little damage falloff. Combined with a suppressor, there are very few loadouts that can out damage you or track you down. Few weapons in MW3 can compete with the ACR.

3 Call of Duty 4: M16A4

An iconic weapon in any FPS title, the M16 in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is a burst-fire assault rifle that can kill targets in as few as two bullets.

Stopping Power is not needed for this assault rifle since a single burst can kill most players. It also has fantastic range and little damage falloff, allowing players to use Juggernaut instead of Stopping Power to become a high-damage yet tanky character. No other weapon in CoD4 can compete with the lethality of the M16.

2 World at War: MP40

The MP40 in World at War takes the lethality of the M16 and converts it to a fully automatic submachine gun with a 64 round mag.

You read that right. This gun with a drum mag attachment has a 64 round magazine that doesn't significantly impede its reload speed. Enemies die in as few as 2 bullets with this gun, regardless of Stopping Power being selected or not. Its only con is it's rather slow rate of fire, but every other benefit of this weapon is so great that no other weapon can hope to compete with the MP40.

1 Modern Warfare 2: M203

The M203 is technically an attachment for most rifle-class weapons in Modern Warfare 2, but it uses its own ammunition and is counted as its own weapon in-game.

This grenade launcher sits under the barrel of most guns and deals a massive amount of damage. If the enemy is anywhere near the blast radius, they are likely going to die. To make matters worse, this weapon benefits from the damage bonus Danger Close provides, letting this attachment kill enemies from an even larger radius. To top it all off, this could be combined with One Man Army to swap your current loadout with itself, resulting in infinite ammo for the M203. There is simply no other weapon in Call of Duty that remained this strong for the entire game's lifespan, making it the strongest multiplayer weapon in the franchise.

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