City Of Secrets Destiny 2: Steps To Get The Malfeasance Hand Cannon

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Destiny 2 has over 100 exotics now, each one being as distinct and interesting as the last. Every weapon type has an Exotic counterpart, and there are plenty of armor pieces that provide unique abilities to players, some even allowing unique builds because of their unique perks.

Malfeasance, an Exotic Hand Cannon players can earn from Gambit, is one of the most interesting guns in the entire game. This trusty primary shoots slugs into targets that detonate when 5 are on a target, making this weapon incredible for both PvE and PvP activities like Crucible. Here is how you obtain this Exotic gun and specifics on what it does.

10 Kill The Ascended Taken Servitor

To start the quest, you will have to successfully kill an Ascended Taken Servitor. This is a special Primeval boss that can spawn at the end of a normal Gambit round. You will not find this boss in Gambit Prime.

Unfortunately, there is no way to force this giant meatball to spawn for your team. The best thing you can do is just play a lot of Gambit and hope that it spawns. Note that if your team gets this boss, the enemy team will as well when their Primeval is summoned. The team to kill theirs first gets the quest item, so be sure you're working with your team!

9 Talk to The Drifter

Once you fight and kill the giant meatball Primeval, head to the Tower to talk to the Drifter. Players can usually find him in the leftmost part of the tower, in a secluded room to the right of the second hanger hallway.

He will tell you that he suspects a theft is occurring. Well, he won't. The quest step will. Anyway, the quest objective will task you to kill 25 challenging Taken enemies. These can be any boss enemies, but there is an easy way to farm this objective.

8 Defeat 25 Taken Bosses

Any Taken boss will count for this, so the best thing to do is find a group that is participating in Tier 3 Blind Well, a PvE activity found within the Dreaming City.

Wait for the week to be against Taken enemies. This usually happens when the Dreaming City curse is at its strongest or the third week of the curse itself. Once this happens, Taken bosses will spawn when you complete the third tier. Unstable charges can be used to spawn unique bosses that are also Taken. If players are working together to kill all of the bosses, this should only take 4 or so runs to complete.

7 Complete "The Corrupted" Strike, With A Twist

Drifter is going to ask you to complete "The Corrupted" Strike. The level is rather low, so this shouldn't be a very difficult task for most players. You can play this co-op if you find it difficult.

This isn't a typical Strike, however. Besides the normal mechanics at the beginning, players need to fight a special Taken Centurion boss at the end of the Strike. This boss hits hard and can kill you by throwing you off the map. You are on a small platform, so be aware of your positioning. The boss can also spawn tethers that prevent ability usage, so make sure you take cover or shoot the tether itself when this happens. Once he's down, you have finished this quest step.

6 Win 10 Gambit Matches

The next step requires you to win 10 games of Gambit and deposit 400 motes. Both of these can be achieved at the same time, but the mote section will take longer than the 10 wins normally.

To win 10 games, just do the best you can with whatever role you are focusing on. If you like to invade the enemy team, do that as much as you can to halt their mote collecting and boss killing process. Alternatively, focus on killing enemies and banking motes as fast as you can. Weapons like Huckleberry and other amazing exotics can help with this process dramatically. Most importantly, work with your team!

5 Deposit 400 Motes

This part is arguably the hardest part of the quest except getting the Ascended Servitor to spawn. 400 motes are a lot of motes for someone to deposit by themselves. Unfortunately, it gets worse...

You lose double the motes that are on you if you die at any point. Saving 15 for a large blocker but get killed? You just lost 30 motes worth of progress. Play defensively during this step and avoid banking large sums of motes. Go for small blockers and try not to directly fight invaders. This quest step will take a lot of time, but it can take significantly less if you play more cautiously.

4 Kill 25 Guardians In Gambit

Guardian kills aren't too hard to do in Gambit since invaders gain over shields and wallhacks when they enter the opposing team's side.

However, for those who struggle to land consistent headshots might find this step somewhat troubling. If you have a hard time killing enemies as an invader, try using exotics like Truth or any Machine Gun weapon. Hammerhead is a fantastic choice for this, as it lets you stay back and lay a barrage of bullets at foes from a distance. Truth also has insane tracking that can kill enemies that are in cover if you find Machine Guns are lacking. Just stay at it and you'll get this done pretty quickly.

3 Kill Four Guardians In One Invasion

Here's the hard part of the invading steps. You need to get an Army of One medal while invading. This means you have to kill the entire enemy team in your 30 second invasion time without dying. If you die after the 4th kill this will still count, but try to stay alive to be safe.

Again, use weapons like Hammerhead and Truth to top the opposition. Super abilities like Warlock's Daybreak or Hunter's Golden Gun can be godsends for this objective. Alternatively, if you can't get a team wipe for the life of you, you can also have a teammate get an Army of One medal, although they have to do this 3 times for it to complete this step. It doesn't need to be consecutive or in the same game, so just take your time or give it your all during one invasion.

2 Talk to the Drifter Once More

You collected 400 motes. You killed a meatball as a boss. You killed over two dozen guardians and watched a whole squad of them die at the same time. What can possibly be left to do?

This part is the easiest of them all. Players just need to talk to the Drifter after all of these quest steps are done to claim their gun. He will thank you for playing a lot of Gambit and reward you with Malfeasance. This fast-firing hand cannon has a distinct look and an equally distinct perk that makes this large grind worth the effort.

1 What Does Malfeasance Do?

Malfeasance is a 180 rpm precision Hand Cannon, meaning it fires 3 rounds a second and has almost no recoil both when hip firing or aiming down sights.

Its exotic perk, Explosive Shadow, causes each bullet to burrow explosive slugs into the enemy. These do nothing on their own, but when 5 are on an enemy at once, they will all explode and deal a considerable amount of damage. Fans of Halo might compare this to a slower Needler, and they aren't wrong in making that assumption. The second perk, Taken Predator, makes this weapon deal increased damage against Taken and enemy invaders alike, being a perfect weapon to complement any Gambit player's loadout.

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