Pop It Trading Codes For September 2022

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Get the latest Pop It Trading codes, a Roblox game that is designed all around trading. Work your way up from the cheapest item to the best!

Pop It Trading Codes, items, And character

Get the latest Pop It Trading codes here, a Roblox game that takes the joy of trading and has turned it into its very own experience. Developed by XOX Studios, this game allows you to trade items with other players. So you start out with a Simple Dimple and can work your way towards race cars and cool accessories, a lot of stuff you'll recognise from other Roblox games, like Backrooms and FNAF!

These codes can be redeemed for random items, special items (yes, one of the rewards is a toilet), and other unique rewards to help you get started in the game.

We checked for new codes on September 1.

All Pop It Trading Codes

All working codes for Pop It Trading in August 2022.

Code Reward Active/Expired
***** Free Rainbow Friends item Active (NEW CODE)
throne Free Toilet Active
1337 Gaming item (camera, keyboard, etc) Active
m0dn4r Random item Active
Juego Xbox Controller Active
baila TikTok Phone Active
fotito Instagram Camera Active
pájaro Twitter Item Active
100k YouTuber Item (Play Button) Active
gub Magnifying Glass Active
lightemup Paintballl Gun Active
wth Monster Eye Active
pineapple Pineapple Active
portal Portal Active
r41nb0w Rainbow Plunger Active
farmer Magic Seeds Active
code Scary Poppy toy Active
upupup Ladder Active
90sec Floppa! Active
noclip Spooky Backrooms item (hold this for too long and you'll enter the Backrooms experience!) Active
trippy Optical Illusion item Active
naughtyornice Tommeh the Tank Engine (good or bad?) Active
kitty Cat! Active
popit! Free Pop It item Active
stuffi FNAF Toy Active
armor? Watermelon Armor Active
sugar Lollipop Active
cupid Valentine's Related Item (Flowers, Boombox, etc) Active
no Slenderman note Active
tako Octopus plushie Active
鞭炮 Firecrackers Active
Tony Tony the Tiger Plushie Active
Loot Loot box Active
buff Weights Active
2022 Sparkler item Active
ice Diamond Active
chance Rock Pappers Scissors Active
juaniday2021 Candy Cane Active
sus Among Us themed item Active
quidditch A Fire Extinguisher you can ride! Active
spooky21 Some Halloween item! Active
crystal Random colorful Crystal Active
eeek Bug! Active
squid Squid Game character Active
gummy Colorful gummy! Active
madregate Stranger Things Expired
inazuma Katana Expired

How To Redeem Pop It Trading Codes

Pop It Trading Redeem Codes

There's no menu button for codes, so follow these instructions.

  • Load the game
  • Walk to the opposite end of where you spawn
  • You'll see a Leaderboard and YouTube Codes button
  • Stand on it
  • Enter the code
  • Enjoy!

Codes are added quite regularly and don't expire very often, but do make sure you are copy and pasting them directly from our list.

How To Get More Pop It Trading Codes

Codes are dropped on the developer's YouTube channel and pretty much nowhere else. If you don't want to subscribe on YouTube, just follow this page instead, and we'll keep you posted with all the new codes as they arrive.

What Is Pop It Trading?

Pop It Tredading Character With A Toilet Item Ready To Trreade

Trading is new Roblox phenomenon, really. The system allows you to trade items in a game for another item, lots of games have it (Adopt Me! is a great example of a popular game that has an excellent trading system), but Pop It Trading takes it to another level. This is a trading game. That's all you do. Trade for items, collect items, earn money, climb the leader board. Trade bugs and lava lamps and pencils and cars. These codes grant you items in the game that can give you a head start with trading, or that you can just straight up sell for gold.

Latest Pop It Trading Update

Pop It Trading updates work a bit differently than other games - they usually come in the form of new item drops, different events, and codes. You can find the latest developer video below:

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