Coolest Double Jumps In Gaming, Ranked

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Ah, the classic double jump, a staple of classic video games. Nothing says running and jumping about in a fantasy land quite like momentarily defying the laws of physics to jump in the air a second time. But while plenty of games have made use of this enduring feature, some have done it with a bit more panache than others.

After all, anyone can momentarily defy physics, that's not too impressive. It takes real style to momentarily defy physics in a really flashy way, whether that be through magic, technology, or some inexplicable ability that wouldn't make sense in any other context.

10 Scout's Force-A-Nature - Team Fortress 2

Scout using the Force-A-Nature in Team Fortress 2

The Scout's signature ability is his double jump. He's the only mercenary who can do it. That jump, however, is not the one we're talking about here. It's not even clear how he does that one... anyway, what we're talking about here is his other double jump, accomplished via his sawed-off shotgun, the Force-A-Nature.

The kickback from the Force-A-Nature is so immense that, when aimed down at the ground, it provides even more air time than a regular jump. Scout must be stronger than he looks to keep his grip on the thing.

9 Strike Vanisher Stealth-Dash - Custom Robo

A Strike Vanisher robo jumping in Custom Robo

All models of Custom Robo have some manner of multi-jumping functionality, from regular vertical jumps to gliding transformations. Out of all the jumps used by these miniature mechas, though, the coolest one by far is the Stealth-Dash used by the Strike Vanisher models.

After the initial jump into the air, a second jump propels them across the Holosseum at such a blinding speed that they completely vanish from sight for a moment. They can even perform these Stealth-Dashes multiple times in quick succession (though they're still vulnerable to gunfire in the process).

8 Alucard's Wing Cape - Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Alucard double jumping in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

As a dhampir, Alucard is no stranger to the occasional bout of polymorphing. The guy regularly turns himself into a wolf and a cloud of mist, so shapeshifting his clothes isn't an especially tall order. After obtaining the Leap Stone, Alucard gains the ability to briefly shift his cape into a pair of flowing, avian wings.

While not offering as much flight power as transforming into a bat would, this extra lift is more than enough to get Alucard deeper into Dracula's Castle, not to mention keep his sword drawn while traveling.

7 Lilac's Cyclone - Freedom Planet

Lilac using her Cyclone in Freedom Planet

As one of the few dragons left living on Avalice, Sash Lilac has access to a handful of mystical abilities that even those talented in magic can't use, at least not natively. One of Lilac's workhorse abilities is her Dragon Cyclone, in which she spins through the air as her long hair tendrils keep her aloft.

Her enchanted dragon hair is thick and sturdy, allowing her to cross surprisingly long distances using this move, moreso with a running start, and it can even be used as an aerial attack.

6 Bentley's Rocket Boosters - Sly Cooper Series

Bentley using his rockets in Sly 3

All three core members of the Cooper Gang have the ability to perform a somersaulting double jump, likely after some tutelage from Sly. Bentley was no exception originally, but after he was injured during the Klaww Gang incident, he had to get a little more creative.

Luckily, being creative is Bentley's strong suit; he outfitted his wheelchair with a pair of small, yet powerful rocket boosters that can be activated with a quick tap of a button. With these boosters, Bentley can actually get more distance out of his jumps than even Sly or Murray.

5 Raz's Thought Bubble - Psychonauts

Raz jumping on his thought bubble in Psychonauts 2

One of the chief abilities of any capable Psychonaut is levitation, the power to suspend oneself in the air using nothing but your thoughts. When he first came to Whispering Rock, Raz didn't know how to sustain a levitated state, but that didn't mean he was a novice.

Even without any formal training, Raz had already mastered the ability to conjure a tangible thought bubble beneath himself and bounce off of it into a spinning somersault. It's thanks to his hyper-specific combination of acrobatic training and psychic ability that Raz is able to use this technique.

4 Kirby's Inflation - Kirby Series

Kirby floating in Kirby and the Forgotten Land

The precise details of Kirby's physiology are baffling, to put it politely. Strange as the little guy is, though, his elastic mouth does give him some handy tricks, besides inhaling things anyway. One of Kirby's other signature moves is the ability to inflate his entire body and flap his arms to get some upward mobility.

In the first few Kirby games, Kirby could hold his breath and fly indefinitely, but in later games, this was toned down to only being able to flap a few times before he has to take a breath. Guess Kirby's been skimping on his cardio.

3 Kazooie's Feathery Flap - Banjo-Kazooie

Banjo and Kazooie jumping in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Compared to her partner, Banjo, Kazooie has a pretty small and skinny frame, evidenced in no small part by the fact that she's able to fit comfortably in Banjo's backpack. In spite of that, Kazooie possesses the ability to lift both Banjo and herself into the air all on her own... at least for a couple of seconds.

Kazooie's Feathery Flap move may be a few feathers short of full-blown flight, but let's see how well you fly when strapped to a grizzly bear. The fact that Kazooie can even manage those few seconds says a lot about her upper-body strength.

2 Samus's Thrusters - Metroid Series

Samus's rear thrusters in Metroid Prime

Samus's Chozo-built Power Suit is equipped with all kinds of helpful gimmicks and gizmos. And sometimes, she even gets to use all of them for a little while before losing them all at the start of a game. Joking aside, Samus regularly explores deep, cavernous areas that require a high degree of maneuverability to navigate safely.

This is where her suit's rear thrusters come into play, providing enough torque after her signature spin jump to give her some extra verticality. At their peak, those thrusters are powerful enough to keep Samus aloft indefinitely via the Space Jump.

1 Bayonetta's Demon Wings - Bayonetta

Bayonetta jumping in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

All Umbra Witches have a contract with a particular Infernal Demon that grants them the majority of their supernatural abilities. For Bayonetta, that demon is Madama Butterfly, a demon that is, despite her elegant appearance, known for her strength and brutal fighting style.

Through this contract, Bayonetta can manifest aspects of Madama Butterfly on her person, including the demon's signature monarch butterfly wings to empower her already impressive jumping ability. Fun fact, if you look down at Bayonetta's shadow, you can actually see the silhouette of Madama Butterfly in its place.

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