Resident Evil: 10 Most Ridiculous Moments From The Series

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The Resident Evil series is well known as one of the hallmarks of horror in the video game industry. Most of its main entries have been well received, and the series has also gone on to inspire many works of zombie fiction, such as Shaun of the Dead and 28 Days Later.

While the series is notable for its horror roots, part of Resident Evil's charm is also how silly it is. You could watch a character go through the most harrowing of experiences and then immediately throw out a line that sounds like it came straight out of a bad comedy. There are plenty of outrageous moments found in these games that are liable to make you laugh, cringe, or maybe both.

10 Ethan Superglues His Hand Back On - Resident Evil Village

Lady Dimitrescu smiles at Ethan Winters, her daughters Bela, Daniela, and Cassandra behind her. From Resident Evil Village.

Ethan Winters really goes through the wringer in Resident Evil Village. He gets beaten up, separated from his daughter, and then finds himself stranded in the middle of a cold, deadly village. Throughout the first few hours, Ethan's hands get burnt, impaled, bit, and slit. Eventually, while running from internet sensation Lady Dimitrescu, Ethan goes to pull a lever to open a door. What follows is a hilariously-timed slash by Lady D herself, which lops Ethan's right hand off.

However, this is little more than a flesh wound to Ethan. After successfully escaping the lady of the house, Ethan pulls out a bottle of medicine, coats his wound in it, and then firmly presses his dismembered hand against his bloody stump. Within the next few seconds, he regains full control of his hand, and it's as if he never lost it in the first place.

9 "You Were Almost A Jill Sandwich!" - Resident Evil

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Barry Burton Face Shot

The English translation of the original Resident Evil has some hilarious dialogue, with one of the funniest lines being uttered by Barry Burton early in Jill's campaign. When Jill Valentine finds herself in a descending ceiling trap, Barry saves her at the last second. Instead of checking in on his partner, Barry throws out this one-liner making light of the fact that Jill was almost flattened.

Fans love this line, and Capcom has referenced it multiple times in many of its games since the line was first uttered in 1996.

8 Jill, The Master Of Unlocking - Resident Evil


This moment is derived from yet another absurd Barry quote from the original Resident Evil. Upon entering the Spencer Mansion, Barry offers Jill a lockpick to help her get around and states that it'd be helpful if Jill, "the master of unlocking," held onto it. The odd phrasing and awkward line delivery turn this moment into comedy gold, and it's even funnier that it's a low-poly, near-faceless character speaking this line.

It also makes you wonder how Jill exactly got this title. What was she unlocking? How did she get so good at it? Are there other Masters of Unlocking? If so, Chris Redfield certainly isn't one, given that he doesn't have a lockpick in the original game.

7 Leon's One-Liners - Resident Evil 4

Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil 4

Leon S. Kennedy is a joke machine in Resident Evil 4. Throughout the game, he regularly spouts out all sorts of silly things that make him sound like a guy who is trying way too hard to be cool, funny, or both. When two guys try to make conversation with him, he goes off on a tangent about how he's sure that they "didn't just tag along [to] sing 'Kumbaya' at some boy scout bonfire." When all the villagers disappear, he muses on where they might have gone by saying, "where's everyone going, bingo?"

RE4 answers the question: "What if Resident Evil starred a wise-cracking himbo?" And thank goodness it did. The game's tone is remarkably silly, which only serves to make it all the more memorable.

6 Chris Redfield's Ever-Changing Appearance - The Entire Series

From left: Chris Redfield's face in Resident Evil 1, his face in RE5, his face in RE7, and his face in RE8

What does Chris Redfield look like? What answer you'll give will likely depend on what the last Resident Evil game you played was. Capcom must not be able to decide what it wants this man to look like, because the guy's face and body seem to change with every game he's featured in.

In RE1, Chris kind of looks like your average guy. In RE5 and RE6, he's a muscled-up dude who could probably compete in a bodybuilding competition. In RE7, he's much leaner, but his face looks nothing like his prior incarnations. For Village, he's a little bulkier but now boasts an entirely new face design. Who knows what he's going to look like by the time Resident Evil 9 rolls around.

5 Chris Punches A Boulder - Resident Evil 5

Chris Redfield punches a boulder in Resident Evil 5

Late in Resident Evil 5, Chris has to create a makeshift bridge to cross a stream of lava. To do this, he decides to push a large boulder into the lava, which he'll then use to hop across. While trying to shove the boulder, Chris decides to punch it a total of six times in the hopes that his absurdly large arms can get the job done.

It's ridiculous to see a grown man think that punching a literal boulder would even make it budge in the slightest, and other RE characters think so too. In Resident Evil Village, Karl Heisenberg calls Chris a "boulder-punching asshole," (rightfully) making fun of Chris for his unusual actions.

4 The Live-Action Cutscenes - Resident Evil

Chris Redfield in the live action Resident Evil intro cutscene

The original Resident Evil features live-action FMV cutscenes, and these things are absurd. The acting, direction, shot composition, action scenes, and special effects present in these scenes are all awful, but the scenes themselves are amusing in a "so bad it's good" sort of way. They're very much products of the 90s, complete with an edgy attitude and an ardent desire to be cool.

For the Resident Evil remake, these live-action bits were replaced by in-engine cutscenes, but the original scenes still hold a special place in the hearts of many Resident Evil fans.

3 Chris' (Apparent) Heel Turn - Resident Evil Village

Chris Redfield disarms Ethan Winters in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village kicks off with a bang — literally. Long-time series hero Chris Redfield busts into the Winters household and shoots Mia Winters, the wife of protagonist Ethan, repeatedly as Ethan helplessly watches. After 25 years, the boulder-punching, ever-changing hero of the Resident Evil franchise seems to have become the bad guy, and he's done it in perhaps the most shocking, cartoonishly evil, over-the-top way possible.

Of course, it's revealed later in the game that Chris didn't actually betray Ethan; the "Mia" he shot was actually Village's main villain, Mother Miranda, in disguise, which means that Chris actually saved Ethan. Still, Chris could've done a better job of communicating that to Ethan so that feelings of anger and resentment towards Chris wouldn't fester inside him for most of the game.

2 Karl Heisenberg's Boss Battle - Resident Evil Village

Heisenberg Machine Boss Fight Resident Evil 8 Cropped

Karl Heisenberg is the last lord of Mother Miranda you fight in Resident Evil Village, and this guy is something else. He's like a Nicolas Cage character equipped with the powers of Magneto, and the fight against him is just as chaotic as he is. Using his metal-controlling abilities, he effectively creates a makeshift mech in an effort to destroy you, but you topple him by using a mini-tank outfitted with a machine gun, a chainsaw, and explosives.

This boss fight is over-the-top, absurd, and a near-perfect way to bring an end to a character as wild as Heisenberg.

1 Joe Baker Punches Zombies To Death - Resident Evil 7

Joe Baker holds Zoe in Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7's DLC, End of Zoe, stars Joe Baker, the estranged brother of RE7's villain, Jack Baker, who goes to check on his family shortly after the events of RE7. Naturally, things got a little wild during Ethan's trip to the Baker residence, and now mold mutants are all over the place.

It's up to Joe to clean things up, and how does he do it? With his bare hands. Joe fights through a ton of biomutants using only his fists, which is ridiculous on its own, but what's even wilder is that he kills the nigh-indestructible Jack Baker in a fistfight when Ethan could barely injure him using actual guns.

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